Legal Rights and Introduction of Law

 When the world created the God also made some rules. Those rules were the first law. Because law is the process what can control a thing and run the thing properly. Now a days everything is under law. Law control every work. Law is the superior thing in the world. So everybody need to know about law. Because , if we know it , we would not like to brake it. So know the fundamentals of law. 

I am a student of Law , so I know how important it is. A person without knowing a law s/he can brake the law. But, there is no room for a man if  s/he is guilty and  say " I do not know anything about law." The judge never accept the speech. So, we need  to learn the basic law which is important for our everyday need. There are lots of PDF law book in my site. If you wan to download it ,you can.

I have created a blog about law which is full of basic law information. Just visit the blog    

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